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           Leonid "LEO" Maksimov


Born December 5, 1985 in Moscow.


Leo started his musical career in 2000, while in high school.He participated in local school events with a group of classmates. A couple of years later, one of his friends suggested to try a bass guitar. That’s when his love affair with bass guitars started.Later on he graduated from Dunayevski music school, contrabass section. In 2000s he played in different rock bands such as: “Vizantiya,” “Rock SD,” Vremya net,”“Const” and “Ivan Tsarevich.” In the last one he had concert tour for big city festivals every year. Such tours were pretty hard, the band had for 5 concerts every day throughout Russia. Also he took a part in the instrumental guitar project “Trinity”with Viktor Smolskiy (“RAGE”), Dmitry Maloletov, Dmitry Chetvergov, Sergey Terentiev (“ARIA”). Soon after, he got invited into legendary rock band “Mavrin,”in which played for 7 years and played over 400 concerts in Russia and other CIS countries. Since 2006 Leonid is a regular participant of all music shows in Moscow such as:"Music Moscow," "NAMM Music Messe" and others, where he conducts his workshops,autograph sessions, presentation of the equipment for endorser companies and givesmini-concerts with his musical projects on Roland, Invask, MixArt, MuzDepo stands. In 2011, Leonid became a bass guitar teacher in popular musical school “MuzClass”. In 2012, he continued his teaching career at the music summer camp for children wherehe gave lessons for a bass guitar, conducted his workshops, talked about musical equipment and helped in the choice of instruments. Since 2013 Leonid organizes annual rock festival “Warwick Day” consecrated to the equipmentprovided to him by the Warwick contractually. All known musical bands, using aforesaid equipment, gathered for this festival for the actively promotion and agitation musicians to a right choice. Also he recorded a live album with Linda and made a lot of studio work for different rockpop and metal bands . He takes over 100 concerts and about 10 master classes every year. Nowadays Leo is taking a part in several musical projects: Oleg Izotov, “LondON,” “Love Machine,” his own bass project “LeonixoN” and, of course, LINDA.

Leo has a very strong and dedicated team that is currently working on a creating a new  rock show project and recording a new album with producer Haydn Bendall. (Haydn for Linda). Last year being a part of LINDA he recorded a new track and video “Dobraya pesnya” with a legend of russian rock, World famous artist – Gleb Samoiloff (“The Matrixx”, ex- “Agatha Christie”): Linda & Gleb Samoiloff (The MATRIXX) – Dobraya pesnyaThe same time Leo tried himself as an actor, he participated in different promo videos and “School shooter" movie. Apart from the partnerships in Russia, he also communicates with international music bands. Even though all of his projects are of different music styles, his personal preference is hard rock. However, while playing in any one style he feels the music and does his best. Today, working with singer Linda, Leonid has signed a contract with the label “Universal music” and with Russian music label “Mysteria zvuka”: Worona pereizdanie . For a long experience with various companies he got a good reputation of safe business partner, keeping good and friendly relationships.


Endorsement contracts:
-since year 2009 – artist of Warwick and Warwick Amps
- since year 2013-2018 – artist of Forte
- since year 2009 – artist of Аudiotechnica
- since year 2009-2015 – artist of Markbass
- since year 2012 – artist of Roland
- since year 2014 – artist of Sullen Clothing
- since year 2014 – artist of TOPEARS (custom in-ear monitors)
- since year 2016 – artist of Darkglass Electronics
- since year 2017 – artist of EMG Pickups
- since year 2018 – artist of Rotosound strings
- since year 2018 – artist of Gruvgear


2003 – Vizantiya: “Vizantiya” CD
2004 –Rock SD: “Forever” CD
2010 – Mavrin: “Neformat-2” MCD
2010 –LоveMachine: “Svet zvezdy” EP
2011 – Mavrin: “Moya svoboda” CD
2012 – Mavrin: “Illyuziya” Single
2012 – Mavrin: “Protivostoyanie” CD
2012 – Andrew Puchinskiy: “V svobodnom padenii” CD
2013 – Khoroshih band: “Choppers” CD
2013 - Tribute to Mavrin XV», bonus track “V dikom pole”
2014 – LoveMachine: “V poiskah raya” EP
2014 – Oleg Izotov: “Stay Forever!” ЕР
2014 -  Annodomini: “Kogda pogasnet svet” EP
2014 – Korsika: “Realnost”
2014 - Crush Test: “Perestupaya chertu” EP
2015 – Linda: “Live @” CD
2015 - Marchevsky: "Ya bredu iz pritonov Moscow,s"
2015 - Marchevsky: "Black heart"
2015 - Linda: "Pencils and matches" CD
2016 - LoveMachine: "Rise of the machines" CD
2016 - Annodomini: "Nebo nado mnoy" CD
2017 - Linda: "Ospa" Single
2017 - Annodomini: “Dust and ash” EP
2017 - Leonid Maksimov: "Inception" Single
2017 - Linda: "Kamera pitok" Single
2017 - Linda: "Psikhi" Single
2017 - Bassists Aliance Project: "Crush" CD
2018 - Bassists Aliance Project: "Forecast" Single
2018 - Linda: "Cracks" Single