02.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) ReeveLand Festival 2017 ANNODOMININ

03.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

04.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

05.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

06.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

07.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

08.09.17 Markneukirchen(DE) Warwick 

13.09.17 Ekaterinburg(RU) LINDA

14.09.17 Tyumen(RU) LINDA

15.09.17 Nizhny Tagil(RU) LINDA

16.09.17 Moscow(RU) LINDA

22.09.17 Voronezh(RU) LINDA

29.09.17 Penza(RU) LINDA

30.09.17 Cheboksary(RU) LINDA

06.10.17 Moscow(RU) ANNODOMINI

07.10.17 St.Petersburg(RU)ANNODOMINI

08.10.17 Tver(RU) ANNODOMINI

11.10.17 Samara(RU) LINDA

12.10.17 Kazan(RU) LINDA

27.10.17 Moscow(RU) LINDA

28.10.17 Astana(KZ) LINDA

29.10.17 Pavlodar(KZ) LINDA

11.11.17 Tula(RU) LINDA

30.11.17 Moscow(RU) LINDA

06.12.17 Novosibirsk(RU) LINDA

07.12.17 Krasnoyarsk(RU) LINDA

08.12.17 Abakan(RU) LINDA


Welcome to my site.

In February, 2016, Leonid has signed to Darkglass and became second Russian artist signed to this Finnish top brand. Darkglass means the highest quality and modern sound of the handcrafted and stylish gears. Leonid: "At last Darkglass has this great floor preamp with 2 channels which let you to achieve the sound you need and not to depend on stage amps. This portable solution allows to take your own sound with you wherever you go. And what's important for me, it also works well with any effects pedals. And its line out adds a nice thickness to the sound of any pedal".